Press : Last Tango in Berlin, The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh

From the Southside Advertiser:

Ute Lemper  Last Tango in Berlin – The Best of Ute tour sees the return of one of the world’s most iconic singers and performance artists to the Queen’s Hall stage in Edinburgh after a far too long gap of over five years.

Last Tango in Berlin is a walk back through the elusive waters of time that we all pass through but can never hold onto as it washes over us all leaving little but memories. This is a personal trip by Ute Lemper as she acts not only as our guide to the music that has inspired her over her life, but also some very special moments in her own  life.  Our story takes us back to the last days of the Weimar Republic and the subversive music of the Cabaret bars of 1920s Berlin, through the terrible years of World War 2, the rise and fall of the Berlin wall and into Ute Lemper immersing herself in the music and ideals of 1980s Paris…

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