Press : Klasse with a Capital ‘K’ from the German singer

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Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome (and of course, ‘Hullawrerr Chinas!’, for any visitors from Glasgow), meine damen und herren. Tonight, this part of Edinburgh may journey through space and time to the Wiemar Republic, or the Paris of Piaf? Passports are strictly optional.

Ute Lemper last graced an Edinburgh stage at a packed Usher Hall during the 2014 International Festival. Tonight, the surroundings are much more intimate, cabaret tables with candles. This is to be an up close and personal performance. Goody.

Preceded by her three piece band (on piano, double bass and accordion), Lemper enters the arena, opening with Want to Buy Some Illusions, followed by Falling in Love Again, in its original German version…

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