Publication: Berliner Morgenpost – Bühnen
Date: September 2021
By: Ronald Klein

Ute Lemper rekonstruiert im Wintergarten ihr Telefonat mit Marlene Dietrich.

Es gibt Momente im Leben, die man nicht vergisst. Für Ute Lemper handelt es sich um ein Telefonat aus dem Jahr 1987. „Ich war noch nicht lange in Paris, wo ich die Sally Bowles in ,Cabaret‘ spielte“, erinnert sich die Sängerin, Schauspielerin und Autorin. „Eines Abends kam ich nach der Vorstellung an die Rezeption meines Hotels. Mir wurde eine Notiz übergeben, dass eine gewisse Marlene Dietrich angerufen hätte und sie es in zehn Minuten noch einmal probieren würde.“ Ute Lemper hastete in ihr Zimmer, pünktlich klingelte das Telefon – diese Anekdote markiert den Auftakt des gleichermaßen eindrucksvollen und berührenden Stücks „Rendezvous mit Marlene“, das Ute Lemper für drei Tage in den Wintergarten führt. Der Abend basiert auf dem realen Gespräch der beiden…

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Publication: NY1
By: Frank Dilella

NEW YORK — Songstress Ute Lemper is a celebrated performer who is used to traveling the world, bringing music to the masses. But for the past year, her rehearsal room and stage has been pretty much limited to her Upper West Side apartment.

And of course being home means she wears many hats, including the given “Mom” plus teacher and even gardener.

The actress who has made a healthy living performing in concerts and musical theater here in New York and on the road is now, like many performers, doing the streaming thing.

“I was able to film my Marlene Dietrich theater play,” said Lemper.

Over the years Lemper has been compared to the legendary Marlene Dietrich. She created a piece based on an interaction she had with the actress in the 1980s while performing the role of Sally Bowles in the Parisian production of “Cabaret”.

“I couldn’t believe I was being compared to this legend  with so many careers from Weimar cabaret to this Hollywood diva, she was a chanteuse,” said Lemper.

Ute’s “Rendezvous with Marlene” was filmed for digital streaming at Club Cumming in the East Village. In addition Lemper is gearing up to perform in Carnegie Hall’s “Voices of Hope” festival an online presentation that shines a spotlight on work that was created by artists who were in difficult and often times horrific situations. For her concert  on April 18th “Songs for Eternity” Lemper will sing music created by victims of The Holocaust.

“It is a most precious concert to me, a very difficult concert that breaks my heart to perform it. In the beginning I couldn’t I had a clot of tears in my throat,” said Lemper.

And while Lemper admits she’s itching to be back on a physical stage, she says there is a silver lining to all of this and that this reset of sorts has taught her many things.

“Because the life after the pandemic for me will not be the same as it was before. I will  definitely pick and choose, make clever choices about, maybe a better balance between my life with my family and my life on stage,” said Lemper.

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Publication: Cultural Attaché
By: Craig L. Byrd
Date: March 19, 2021

VOCALS: Songs from the Heart – Ute Lemper
March 20th – 2:00 PM EDT/11:00 AM PDT

Whether in concert halls, recording albums or gracing the stage of a musical, Ute Lemper has easily become of our most passionate and accomplished performers.

That wide range of material she handles will be on display in Songs from the Heart on Saturday. The concert will be streaming from Europe and includes songs from the musicals Cabaret and Chicago; from The Threepenny Opera; songs made famous by Édith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich, a song Lemper composed and also a song by Joni Mitchell.

I’ve seen her in multiple concert performances and also in the Broadway revival of Chicago. She’s absolutely amazing.

Joining Lemper for this concert will be Vana Gierig on piano; Tim Ouimette on trumpet; Matt Parrish on bass and Todd Turkish on drums and percussion.

Tickets are $24.99 and allow for 48 hours of access.

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