News : Paris 1987… Ute, Cabaret and Liza…

Paris 1987. I was the Sally Bowles and Liza came to our opening night in Paris Theatre Mogador.

I was so moved and in awe to meet her. Knowing that she was watching the show was frightening and so exciting. I was a fan of hers since my childhood!!! She was so nice and supportive!

A few years later we had dinner at the Gianni Versace costume exhibit in Berlin as we both were friends with Gianni. That night she cuddled and sang to my little baby Max in her hotel room. That was 26 years ago, an image I never forgot: Liza, so full of love and life, so vulnerable and generous, with art pulsing through her veins, her heart, her eyes, her legs, and every finger that touches music.