News : Live Stream show on 21 April

Please note, that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, shows through to the end of May have been postponed, and alternate or new dates will be announced when available.  An exception is the following Live Streamed show on 21 April at 2.00pm EST:

On April 21 at 2.00pm EST (USA) there will be a LIVE STREAM of Ute Lemper/ Carnegie Hall Live Streaming series from Ute’s living room.

Accompanying Ute for this live performance of excerpts from Songs for Eternity, will be Vana Gierig on Piano and Max Lemper on guitar. This performance will commemorate the Holocaust and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Bergen Belsen, and Ute will have a live conversation on Zoom with Orly Beigel in Mexico City, whose mother survived Bergen Belsen by being on the DEATH TRAIN at Farsleben, that was liberated by the American Army on April 13th 1945.

Click here to read more about the Death Train.

Click here to view this performance (RSVP on Facebook).