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The Crunch
Text by Charles Bukowski
Music by Ute Lemper

Vocals: Ute Lemper
Piano: Vana Gierig
Drums: Todd Turkisher

“What we need is less false education. What we need is fewer rules, fewer police and more good teachers. We think that hatred signifies strength, that punishment is love. We just need to care….. People are not good to each other. People are just not good to each other.”

Across the world, people are uniting to demand justice and force a reckoning with the racist histories of the US and so many other countries. I see young people, my children included, peacefully marching for change in the streets, from my home city of New York all the way to my home country of Germany, and I am proud to stand by them and work peacefully together to build a better and a more just world with real equality of opportunity for education, health care, housing, and economic success for everyone.
(Ute Lemper)

May 2020, 7pm in New York City, Ute gives a beautiful live Rooftop Performance. You can hear the clapping and singing for the front line workers from her rooftop. Ute sings Paulo Coelho’s beautiful words, which she set to music, and is accompanied by Vana Gierig on piano (click here to view the video).

“There is no such a thing as victory
And there is no such a thing as defeat
In the cycle of nature and life there is movement,
only and always movement
There are neither winners or losers
There are only stages and chapters
That must gone through and lived through
When your heart understands, it can be free…”

Click here (and scroll down slightly) to view the archive of the livestream performance and program from Ute’s living room, which was part of the Carnegie Hall Live Streaming series, honoring the 75th anniversary of the liberation of concentration camps with songs of rebellion, hope, defiance, and life-affirming resilience written during the Holocaust.

Accompanying Ute for this live performance of excerpts from Songs for Eternity, were Vana Gierig on Piano and Max Lemper on guitar, and the program featured a live conversation on Zoom with Orly Beigel in Mexico City (whose mother survived Bergen Belsen by being on the Death Train at Farsleben) and others.