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Here is a link to a review of Ute’s performance of the ‘Paris,Paris’ selection at the Prague Proms. There are also some great images of the performance accompanying the review.

Here is an English translation:

To Paris with Love, With Ute Lemper

Paris, French chanson, love, charm and the talent of Ute Lemper were the principal ingredients of the intoxicating cocktail this German singer and actor mixed for Prague audience on the hot Sunday night… it was a champagne-based cocktail that immediately made the audience “tipsy”… in the very beginning the singer enchanted the audience with her energy, jazz potency and rhythmical precision. She does not imitate the art of Edith Piaf (as most singers do), Ute Lemper enriches these evergreens with her own conception of dynamics, different kind of phrasing and changing of rhythmic figures… her voice is hoarse in the central register, it has a charming and sensual color, masterful heights; she crosses jazz means with a complete ease, she fascinates her listeners with a constant changing of expressions as well as with her abilities to convey her message in pianissimos and sensual whisper while on the other hand, she is able to explode with passion, bitterness and misapprehension… the artist’s physical feel of music and lyrics is outstanding, gestures and dance figures accompany her singing… it was a one-woman show of a great artists who manifested what a real show is about: there is no need for a rich stage setting, expensive costumes (although her costume, especially in the second half of the evening was very esthetical), or other effects. A fascinating persona, musical talent and the ability to make a connection with the audience will “suffice” to a great show…

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Nell’ambito delle iniziative per i 70 anni del Piccolo, ben 25.500 giorni di Teatro, è andato in scena allo Strehler di Milano un lavoro appassionato e accurato, condotto da Ute Lemper (voce dello spettacolo) a partire dal 1987 con un grande progetto discografico, dedicato ai compositori di origine ebrea e alla loro musica, straziante testimonianza dell’orrore…

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This is a RAI TV piece about ‘Songs for Eternity’…

Canti di dolore e di speranza, ninne nanne e brani della tradizione yiddish: Ute Lemper, cantante e attrice tedesca che da anni vive a New York, è al Piccolo Teatro di Milano con “Songs for eternity”, uno spettacolo dedicato alla musica creata da artisti uccisi nella Shoah.

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Weltstar kommt am 27. Juni in Laeiszhalle. Gespräch über Heimatgefühle, Donald Trump und das aktuelle Konzertprogramm.
Von: Stefan Reckziegel

Weltstar Ute Lemper (53) hat ihren Wohnsitz in New York. Foto: Lucas Allen

New York/Hamburg.  In der Studenten- und Fahrradstadt Münster ist Ute Lemper geboren und gelegentlich noch zu Gast. Wir erwischen die 53 Jahre alte Sängerin zum Telefoninterview in ihrem Zuhause in New York, wo sie seit gut 20 Jahren lebt. Manhattan, Upper Westside, nah am Central Park. “Ich bewege mich gerade vom Küchentisch auf die Couch”, sagt sie. Zuvor hat sie noch einem italienischen Journalisten ein Interview gegeben, das dauerte etwas länger – aber nicht, weil sie es auf Französisch geführt hatte…

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Cabaret star hopes new show based on Paulo Coehlo’s work will inspire UK fans.

Above: Ute Lemper, performing in Vienna on 10 June 10, says her 9 Secrets show offers a sense of pleasure in the world. Photograph: Alexander Koerner/Life Ball 2017/Getty

Ute Lemper, performing in Vienna on 10 June 10, says her 9 Secrets show offers a sense of pleasure in the world. Ute Lemper, the queen of dark and subversive cabaret, is known for her interpretation of the bleak songs of Kurt Weill. But the German singer has latterly found an uncharacteristically positive muse: Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho…

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