We need to unfortunately announce that all shows that had been scheduled for May and June of 2021 have had to be postponed to future dates. A revised schedule will be advised as soon as new dates are set.

The Fleesensee show from June has been rescheduled to July 18. Visit the calendar page for more details.

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Publication: NY1
By: Frank Dilella

NEW YORK — Songstress Ute Lemper is a celebrated performer who is used to traveling the world, bringing music to the masses. But for the past year, her rehearsal room and stage has been pretty much limited to her Upper West Side apartment.

And of course being home means she wears many hats, including the given “Mom” plus teacher and even gardener.

The actress who has made a healthy living performing in concerts and musical theater here in New York and on the road is now, like many performers, doing the streaming thing.

“I was able to film my Marlene Dietrich theater play,” said Lemper.

Over the years Lemper has been compared to the legendary Marlene Dietrich. She created a piece based on an interaction she had with the actress in the 1980s while performing the role of Sally Bowles in the Parisian production of “Cabaret”.

“I couldn’t believe I was being compared to this legend  with so many careers from Weimar cabaret to this Hollywood diva, she was a chanteuse,” said Lemper.

Ute’s “Rendezvous with Marlene” was filmed for digital streaming at Club Cumming in the East Village. In addition Lemper is gearing up to perform in Carnegie Hall’s “Voices of Hope” festival an online presentation that shines a spotlight on work that was created by artists who were in difficult and often times horrific situations. For her concert  on April 18th “Songs for Eternity” Lemper will sing music created by victims of The Holocaust.

“It is a most precious concert to me, a very difficult concert that breaks my heart to perform it. In the beginning I couldn’t I had a clot of tears in my throat,” said Lemper.

And while Lemper admits she’s itching to be back on a physical stage, she says there is a silver lining to all of this and that this reset of sorts has taught her many things.

“Because the life after the pandemic for me will not be the same as it was before. I will  definitely pick and choose, make clever choices about, maybe a better balance between my life with my family and my life on stage,” said Lemper.

To check out Lemper’s upcoming virtual performances head to CarnegieHall.org.

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We profoundly apologize for the technical issues which prevented the “Songs from the Heart” stream from staying up for the 48 hours as announced by Dreamstage, and hope to stream this performance again very soon in April/ May on another platform.

Good news, though, coming up on 4 April, there are still 2 opportunities to stream “Rendezvous With Marlene”, which will remain available till 11 April.

“Rendezvous With Marlene”
This will premiere at 2 locations on 4 April, 2021, and be available till 11 April
1) Fane : Click here for details and tickets
2) Zédel : Click here for details and tickets

There are currently 3 opportunities to see fabulous performances by Ute online, as Livestream events:

“Songs from the Broken Heart”
This will be live-streamed by Dreamstage on 20 March, 2021  •  Click video above for a preview.
Click here for details and tickets


“Rendezvous With Marlene”
This will premiere at 2 locations on 4 April, 2021, and be available till 11 April
1) Fane : Click here for details and tickets
2) Zédel : Click here for details and tickets

Ute performs the jewels of chanson, a selection from her 35 years of career between Berlin/ Paris and New York. The concert is streamed from her home in New York over the rooftops of Manhattan.

Date:  March 20, 2021
Time:   2:00PM (EST)
Tickets:   $24.99 (Click here to purchase)
Click link below for a preview 

Ute will interpret songs by Jacques Brel,  Edith Piaf,  Kurt Weill,  Joni Mitchell,  Kander and Ebb,  and many more that marked her career and mission:

1. Cabaret
2. Moritat von Mecky Messer
3. La Chanson d Helene
4. Shtiler Shtiler (Yiddish Song from Ghetto in Vilnius)
5. Madrigal escrito en Invierno (Neruda)
6. La vie en Rose
7. Amsterdam
8. Lili Marleen
9. Black Crow (Joni Mitchell)
10. All That Jazz
And more surprises…..

Ute’s band for the performance:
Piano: Vana Gierig
Trumpet:  Tim Ouimette
Bass: Matt Parrish
Drums and Percussion: Todd Turkisher

Click here to buy your ticket to access this Dreamstage event
Available for replay for 48 hours after the show.